Wednesday, May 8, 2013

PWAP Updates!

Well hello there!! So I know I've been really horrible lately about giving y'all updates on what PWAP has had going on. We've actually been doing quite a lot! We've had several birthday parties and hospital visits and festivals that we've participated in recently. We even participated in a picnic for childhood cancer. This Saturday we have a Mother's Day Tea Party in Cochran with several of our characters, and we're all really excited! Also coming up we have a Miss PWAP Pageant in June! All of the information for it is on our facebook page:) Following this we'll have more hospital visits coming up. We'll keep you guys posted on what the princesses are up to! One last thing, we have a new slogan!!!! Here it is lovelies! Hope you like it! <3

I am beautiful and strong.

I am right where I belong.
Here in this Neverland
I'll never grow old
Where flowers always bloom
And the winter's never cold.
I am majestic as the wind.
Where the moon and the Sun are best friends.
And I can live and live again
A thousand times
And my legend never dies
Forever long
I am FairyTale Strong.

If you're struggling with your image, I think you should really listen to this

Thursday, May 2, 2013


Hi loves! As I stated earlier, I will not be posting a Thoughtful Thursday for this week. Today has been a very busy day, with two finals and a meeting and trying to clean my dorm and pack away all of my possessions into my tiny little car so I can move out by 2 tomorrow. Now is really the first chance I'm having to relax for a second, and it's 10 pm. And I haven't started studying for my final yet. Oops. But never mind all of that. I wanted to remind you all of something. I know I always say at the end of my posts for Thoughtful Thursday that I'm here to talk whenever you need me. But I wanted to clarify that if you do wish to talk, our conversations don't have to be about some specific issue that you're dealing with. We can talk absolutely anything, whether you want to make casual conversation as a distraction, or vent/rant/complain, hell we can even talk about pizza toppings, idc. Anything you need, and I'll try my best to be that for you. I want to be able to help you guys out in any way that I possible can. Like I've said before, call me, text me, facebook message me, tweet me or DM me, email me at, we'll make something work. I want you all to know that you are beautiful and wonderful and loved and cared for and precious and worth so much more than you can see. I wish I could wrap you up in a big hug until you realize how important and special you are. Please remember to smile and know that you are cared for. I love you babes <3

No Thoughtful Thursday

Hi guys! I just wanted to let you know that I most likely won't be doing a Thoughtful Thursday this week. I am about to start a final and I won't get out of my last one until like 6. So, yeah. Long day. But I'll be fine. I hope all of y'all have fabulous amazing days!! Keep smiling! :)